Colombia has always been in the first places in diversity of the world, in the same way, with our mountains we can find a wide variety of climbing routes and options. Considering that we are located in a tropical zone, we count with great glacier zones and mixed routes. 

The mountaineering precursor in Colombia, Erwin Krauss, Colombian-German, from his first expedition to the Cocuy and Guicán range in 1938, left us a huge legacy and example of exploration and enjoyment of climbing our mountains; In the Cocuy and Guicán Range (Sierra Nevada del Cocuy), we can count approximately 22 summits between 4500 m and 5400m, ice pitches, glaciers, crevasses, big walls, and more. In the National Park Los Nevados we have the Tolima Volcano glacier, that because its volcanic condition present a conic shape, making nice rock climbing routes, ice, and glacier. Also, the Santa Isabel summit, the Paramillo of Quindio and much more rock climbing sceneries.

Welcome to our mountains, choose your climbing, dream it and count with us to get it done.


ITINERARY Day 1: 7am. Starting point from Cocora Valley (Salento). Trekking along the cloud forest passing by the Acaime natural reserve and keeping up until Estrella de Agua (Water star…