In the very close from Bogota, department of Boyacá, the Páramo of Ocetá is located. The meeting point and trekking starting point is the scenic town of Monguí. Full of history and with the great plus of being considered the most beautiful town and Páramo of the world. Is the perfect place to meditate while walking surrounded by dreamy landscapes, exotic plants gardens, unique of Colombia, unique of this place.

For those who have had already the fortune to know this ecosystem, this is the opportunity to get surprised by everything that just this place has to offer. In the same way, for those who doesn´t know the Páramo ecosystem, is the opportunity to start with the most exciting place you can imagine. Perfect for those who start their training to achieve higher mountains or more demanding expeditions, is the ideal place to initiate a self-learning in this kind of terrains and to get familiar with it, the highest point that we will reach will be 4000 m.

The best local guides, entrepreneur people of Monguí, will take you to see ancient hidden lakes, histories and realities of our indigenous people and the Lost Stone City among other sceneries that will amuse you during the trek. We are compromised with the local development and sustainability, for the wellbeing of the local people and for the good of the Páramo and the other ecosystems sustainability.




* Trek to the Páramo

* Accidents insurance

*Camping Night

* Photographic register

* Local Guide

*Camping equipment (Tent, mattress, Backpack)

* Food (Dinner, Breakfasts, and lunch)

* Local transportation between Monguí and the Páramo go and back


Daily available. Treks from 1 day, 2 days with one camping night, 3 days one camp night and one complete tour in Monguí town, its history, development and more.

We can plan the itinerary according to your needs and/or requirements.