Tolima snow mountain is perhaps the most interesting climbing in Colombia. Its shape of volcanic cone, make it the perfect scenery and a unique location for the outdoors sports practice. It is located in the National Natural Park Los Nevados and it reach an altitude of 5220m. The experience of attempting the summit gather several unique Colombian ecosystems, having the opportunity to enjoy and discover the best of the high Colombian mountains.

 Tolima Snow.


Day 1:

7am. Starting point from Cocora Valley (Salento). Trekking along the cloud forest passing by the Acaime natural reserve and keeping up until Estrella de Agua (Water star 3100m). Estimate time 3.5 hours. 9 km
12.30 pm. After the lunch we start again the path from Estrella de Agua to the farm La Primavera where we will sleep for the night (3750m) Estimate time 3 hours. 9 km

Day 2:

After having a nice mountain breakfast we will start the trek to the glacier border of Tolima Volcano, this will take us across the valley, seeing a few farms that have been living there approximately 100 years ago. If the weather is kind with us we will see the summit all the time. After reaching the glacier we will visit the lake El Encanto and keep down to the farm Primavera. Estimate time 8 hours.

Day 3:

8 am: Descending back to Cocora Valley, taking a different route along the valley of the Cardenas river, plenty and with and infinite richness of fauna and flora. Estimate time: 7 hours. 19 km.

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For all of our plans and itineraries the ideal is to have experience in short and long treks, this way each person will know best their body and how it adapts to the altitude. The Paramillo of Quindio is a non-technical mountain, it doesn´t have a glacier. However, it is not to take it easy, like with any other mountain. This itinerary has been planned for people with some mountain experience, it is required to have a considerable physical condition and that depending on a medical diagnosis (sent by us by email) the person doesn´t have health problems to undertake the itinerary. If in any case do you feel that maybe you are not prepared, there is no problem, we can plan according with your characteristics a more suitable itinerary.


A few companies offer Tolima´s Mountain – Why our people choose MONTAÑAS COLOMBIANAS? We offer a personalized and pragmatic Expedition approach, which allows you to enjoy the experience at a maximum. This, combined with a realistic mountain itinerary allows you to have the best altitude acclimatization, enough to give you the best preparation to achieve and reach the summit in the perfect condition to actually enjoy that magnificent moment.

The smallest details are important and MONTAÑAS COLOMBIANAS appreciate and take in account that everyone has different expectations and requirements.  For many this is the first big mountain ever climbed so a few nerves and some anxiety is perfectly normal, here is where MONTAÑAS COLOMBIANAS make the difference, our guides understand this and are perfectly aware, they will be always there to help you in the ascension and will always try to be sure that your experience becomes incredible.

MONTAÑAS COLOMBIANAS has the backup of the best logistics and the best Colombian local guides. They are exceptional in the mountain and understand the needs and requirements of all our groups. Most important, before being guides we are mountaineering people, a friend that will join your trip and help you to achieve your dream.

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