Important: Due to National Park regulations this itinerary is not available for the moment.

The Cocuy mountain range (Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Guican y Chita), is considered the largest and longest portion of glacier in Colombia, and one of the biggest one in the region considering its position in the tropical zone closer to the equatorial line. More than 22 summits with spectacular glaciers are distributed in 25 kilometers long and 306.000 Hectares, this extension is part of the National Park of El Cocuy founded in 1977.

The altitude range is from 600 m to the highest summit called Ritak´uwa Blanco 5400m. You can find temperatures from -10 to 20 Celsius. These mountains are the natural home of the Frailejón, an endemic plant that grows 1 cm per year and is a fundamental producer of water. You will be surprised when you find and have the opportunity to see some huge ancient Frailejones, some of them can be more tan 600 years old. In general, is a unique place on earth, its variety of plants, animals, sceneries and much more, make this location a “must go”.

View Ritacuwa Negro.


Located in the north side of the Range, its normal rout starts from the east side in the point known as Kanwara. It is known as the highest summit in the Sierra Nevada and its glaciers are the widest and interesting of the park, it doesn´t have much technic difficulties, but it requires a considerable effort due to its high and the length of the glacier that we must walk to reach the summit.


Day 1: Breakfast, Vehicle transport to Posada de la Sierra (north of the Sierra)-after lunch Acclimatization trek to the High El Padre 4368mts and back to sleep in Posada de la Sierra Cabin.  3 hours trek

Day 2: Approach trek to the high camp Playitas at 4600mts 3 to 4 hours trek

Day 3: Acclimatization trek to the Lake Tempanos to see the espectacular view of the whole north and center of the range, depending on the weather and physical condition trek around the lake. Back to Camp Playitas.

Day 4: Summit attempt to Ritakuwa Blanco 5400mts, back to camp and back to Posada de la Sierra. Vehicle transport to Cocuy. Estimate time 8 hours to summit and back to camp. 2 hours to the Vehicle.




For all of our plans and itineraries the ideal is to have experience in short and long treks, this way each person will know best their body and how it adapts to the altitude. The Ritacuwa Blanco summit is a non-technical mountain, it doesn´t have a glacier. However, it is not to take it easy, like with any other mountain. This itinerary has been planned for people with some mountain experience, it is required to have a considerable physical condition and that depending on a medical diagnosis (sent by us by email) the person doesn´t have health problems to undertake the itinerary. If in any case do you feel that maybe you are not prepared, there is no problem, we can plan according with your characteristics a more suitable itinerary.


No prior experience at altitude required.


No technical climbing experience required.


UIAA Participation statement: The UIAA recognize that climbing and mountaineering are activities that represent the risk of suffer personal injuries or death. The participants in this activities must be aware of this risks and accept them, and be responsible of their own actions.

We suggest that you hire a health and emergency insurance in your county, please let us have a copy of this insurance.

Acclimatization trek to the Lake Tempanos


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