Sustainability Policy. Montañas Colombianas

Montañas Colombianas, a Colombia tourism operator, has foundations and principles founded in our sustainability policy. We are a company that aims for the development of the regions where ecotourism is developed, this is one of the reasons why we make all of our activities inside protected areas where the community provide us with all the services needed (food, hosteling, transportation, etc.). Concerning this we define our way of living and working to the minimum impact to the ecosystems, implementing principles and improvements for the company looking to keep sustainable. We are ruled by three main principles: 1- We know the mountain perfectly along with all that happens within it.  2- We work with local communities that are willing to try and make a change. 3- We don´t have clients in the mountain, we have friends.

Some of our strategies:

With the environment (natural + community backgrounds)

Aim for changing damaging habits in the locations where we work, this is going to be achieved taking responsible tourism to the communities that traditionally are dedicated to the cow stock-breeding and agriculture on Páramos ecosystems, trying to lower the impact over this delicate area generated by this historical practices.

We generate minimum waste, we have programs to minimize and reuse the generated residues.

  1. We have a program that consist on the fully change of commercial batteries for rechargeable, so we can achieve zero batteries buying.
  2. We are a company that works in a personalized way, this results in smaller groups in accordance with the ecosystem people capacity and paths tolerance.

With our suppliers

We use just certified or local suppliers that are willing to offer their whole productive chain.

  1. We hire our services with the community people that have shown us their will to make changes in the ecosystem damaging practices.
  2. We schedule workshops and courses in accordance with the territory where our service suppliers are located.
  3. Our services include food and snacks, we look in a big percentage, first to acquire this products from organizations, companies and local communities avoiding long distance transported products, so the effect generated is lower. In the same way, acquiring quality products handcrafted made, assuring that envelops and other waste is going to be produced to the minimum, always looking for biodegradable alternatives.

With our visitors and mountain companion.

  1. Montañas Colombianas do not take the visitors as clients, you are all our friends in the mountains.
  2. Our services are focused in giving advice before and during the expedition, in a very personalized way. That´s why our itineraries are created as each person size.

With our work team.

  1. Our work team is our family, that is why we are in permanent training.
  2. We offer benefits and proper conditions for improving and thriving the life quality of each of our work team members.

As travelers and as a responsible company, how can we help for the mountain sustainability?

When traveling with us, we invite you to follow our top 10 of responsible behavior:

1* Pack just the main things, in order and in a good shape, do not leave anything behind in any moment of the itinerary.

2* Use as less as you can plastic bags and non-recyclable materials.

3* All the garbage must be taken down to the main cities, or give it to the company so we can disposal it adequately.

4* Take care of the water sources, do not pollute it washing things, throwing oils or other alien things.

5* When purchasing equipment or other elements for the mountain, look for environment friendly elements, biodegradable.

6* Do not introduce or take off any vegetal or animal element of the ecosystems that we are going to visit.

7* Leave your pet in good care, do not bring it to the mountain, it do not belong to this environments.

8* Share and learn from the locals is a huge gift, always choose their services and respect their traditions and ways.

9* Always follow the guides and local support instructions, do not leave the trails and keep close to the group.

10* Visit the mountain with responsibility and good planning, in small groups so the impact will be less.

Thank you for your contribution and responsible visit.


“The exploitation of human beings, in any of its ways, specially the sexuality, and in particular the one that affects the children, damage the fundamental tourism objectives and is a denial of its essence. In consideration, taking in account the international law, it must be fought without limits with all the Nations cooperation, and sanction it rigorously in the national legislations of the visited countries and the countries where the aggressor belongs, even when these acts had been done in foreign places.” 5 Article 2, Incise 3, World Etic Code for Tourism.


We are attached to the responsibility regimen that states the Law 300 of 1996 and the Decrees 1075 of 1997. In the same way, we are committed with the prevention of the children sexual exploitation, sexual tourism and any other under-aged or human abuse (law 1336 of 2009)(Law 679 of 2001, Article 16,17,19), we are committed with the prevention of the Children work exploitation Children Code (Law 1098 of 2006). The prevention of the Cultural Patrimony traffic (Law 397 of 1997). The prevention of the species traffic as wild flora and fauna (Law 599 of 2000 and Decrees 1608 and 1978). We defend the gender and raze equality (Law 1482 of 2011, modified by the Lay 1752 of 2015). And we follow the demanded regulations said in the Decree 4000 of 2004 about the Foreign visitors.

Following the statement said in the article 17 of the law 679 of 2001, we advise to all visitors that the exploitation and sexual abuse of under aged people and all people, is punished in the country penal and administrative in accordance with the existing laws.