¡Seven days on the Colombian Andes!

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The Colombian Central range, is a formation that group different mountains, characterized by its volcanic shape, this is the place where we can find 4 of the intertropical glaciers present in Colombia.

The proposed itinerary allows to see the big picture of the Natural Park and going inside the pure mountain culture, experiencing the loneliness of some not common used paths by travelers. We will have the possibility of reaching the altitude of 5000 m on the summit and then take a comfortable thermal bath at 4000m, a very unexpected experience worldwide.

Day 1: Up to the Páramo

7am: Breakfast at Salento, and transport in a traditional private vehicle to Cocora Valley.

After an informative talk we will start our adventure from the bottom of Cocora Valley, along the cannon of the Cardenas River. We will go up until reaching the highland of the cannon where we will enjoy the delicious trekking lunch, with an spectacular view of the whole cannon and the cloud forest. After that we will trek at the side of the curved mountain and arrive to the farm La Argentina. This will be our resting point where we will be able to share with the traditional mountain family. There we will learn, with a cup of coffee and the great feeling of this people, the dynamics of the life at this high.

Day 2: Páramo Immersion

7am: After having a delicious farmer breakfast, we will start the trek to the farm La Primavera, we will keep hiking up until the highest point of 4000m called the Line, If the weather is good enough we will get closer to the Wetlands of the Paramillo (option 1), or if the group is feeling well we can go to the top (4700m) (option 2). Then go a little bit back and then go down until the farm La Primavera where we will sleep for the night (3750m). This day will be a full immersion in the Páramo ecosystem.

Day 3: Base Camp

8am: After the delicious breakfast, we start the trek from the farm La Primavera in the wayto the Base Camp at (4350m). This day is a little bit of a relaxed walk, it is useful to acclimatize the body to the altitude. After midday, we are arriving to Base Camp to have some rest for the day and prepare ourselves for the next day summit attempt. The glacier equipment will be organized and instructions about proper use will be given.

Day 4: Summit attempt – Cañon Thermal Waters

2:00 am. We will get up very early, have some tee and have something to eat, then start the wayto the glacier in order to complete the summit attempt (5220m). This attempt is divided in 3 main sections: The first one going out from the camp we will find a sand strong slope that will lead us to a large flat zone and the to the second section that is mainly the huge rocks that a few years ago where covered by the glacier, we will climb with safety some spots and the arrive to the last section, the glacier, where we will use the equipment and face the last kilometers to the summit, the glacier segment will take more or less 2 hours and 45 minutes going back.

Estimate time go and back to base camp 7 hours.

We will have some time to rest, and then start packing. After that from the camp we will trek using the permanent altitude of 4000 until reaching the special point to go down to the thermal waters. We will set up the camp and then enjoy and relax inside the hot springs.

Day 5: El Africa Farm

7am. From the Thermal Waters we will begin the trek to the farm el Africa, this area is not usuallyused by travelers and keeps natural wonders that we will cross between valleys and cannons, going inside the mountain. We will arrive to a typical farm and rest in the middle of the mountain peace.

Day 6: Lake “El Otún”

7am.The trail for this day starts from the farm heading to the Santa Isabel Volcano foot. Duringthis trek we will experience a unique ecosystem where the flora has been evolving in a very authentic way. We will enjoy looking at the Silence lake and then reach our camp at the Otún lake, a natural water reservoir, the largest of the National Park.


Day 7: El Cedral

7am.After a long break in this natural paradise, we will start the descent using the Otún RiverValley, this water valley provides water for Pereira city and is considered the most well conserved water valley of the country, is protected by three natural parks unified. We will keep going down using ancient mules paths in the housing “el Bosque”. A delicious lunch will be waiting for us in the Pastora refuge. At the end we will meet with our traditional transport “chiva” that will take us to Pereira.

  • Complete alimentation from day 1 breakfast to the lunch of day 7. Transport from Salento to Cocora Valley

  • Accommodation in mountain farms. Entrance cost to the National Park Entrance cost to Cañon Hot Springs

  • Helping mule for the bags for the 7 days (maximum weight per person 10 kg). Snacks

  • Trekking poles (if needed)

  • Complete glacier equipment (Helmet, Harness, crampons, ice axe) Camping equipment (Tent, sleeping pad and sleeping)

  • Emergency insurance policy. Mountain Guide

  • Transport from El Cedral to Pereira Camping cooking hardware

Not Included

Services not specified before.

Taylor-made extras (before or after)
  • Coffee tour in a traditional coffee farm. Resting in hot springs

  • Visit to Filandia, one of the most beautiful traditional town in the coffee triangle. Hike or horse ride to the tunnels and Boquia waterfall

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