Beautiful trek between snow-capped peaks, visiting the Otún Lake and try to climb anice glacier summit, only in 3 days!

Nevado Santa Isabel is one of the highest mountains in the Colombian central range. The highest summit is 5,100m, on the dome or south summit. Climbing it is relatively easy and requires very little technical experience. The trek starts at the Potosí farm, and continues along the path known as Conejeras (the rabbit hutch). The ascent can also be made using the El Cedral path, in Pereira, going through the cloud forest and the El Bosque path to the Otún lake.

Day 1: Otún river valley and beginning of the Paramo ecosystem

7am. After typical breakfast in Pereira, we will head to the rugged and well-preserved cloud forests that cross 3 conservation reserves: Otun Quimbaya fauna and flora sanctuary, Ucumarí Natural Regional Park and Los Nevados National Park. If luck is on our side, we will have the chance to spot some howler monkeys and marvel at their impressive screams. The trek begins at 2130m high. At midday we will reach La Pastora farm at 2500m, where we will have lunch.

1pm: We will continue our walk until the mountain farm of El Jordán, located at an altitude of 3150m in the border of the subparamo beginning and overhung by a beautiful waterfall. We will spend the night there and will share the Colombian mountain culture in the middle of the kitchen and the heat of its wood stove.


Day 2: Entrance to the páramo and El Otún lake.

7am: After typical breakfast in the mountain farm, we will begin our walk to the Otún lake, considered the most beautiful and biggest lake in the national park. The walk will take us through the unique páramo ecosystem, found in just 4 countries in the whole world. If luck is on our side, we will see the mountains of Quindio Paramillo, Santa Rosa Paramillo, the 3 glaciers of Santa Isabel and the Tolima summit.

2pm: We will reach the Otún lake where we will have lunch with a great view. After that we will go to the national park entrance, where we will register in the park book and receive a welcome talk from the park rangers.

Day 3: Nevado Santa Isabel summit attempt

1:30am: We will be up bright and early, with a hot drink and some energy bars. A 30-minute car journey will take us to the start point of the trek, Conejeras (4,100m).
2:45am: We will start the trek along the Conejeras path that will take us to the central glacier (4,700m). 3.5km. Estimated time 3 hours.

6:30am: Arrival at Conejeras Central Glacier. We will set up the equipment and start the summit attempt to the central summit. We will be glacier trekking along the Santa Isabel mountain and will then begin our descent more or less at 9am, to be met by the vehicle that will take us back to have some lunch and then back to the city.

(There is the option to descend to the hot springs: you must book in advance. This carries an extra charge)

Included and Not included:


  • Private transport from Pereira and Cedral on the first day
  • Private transport from Los Nevados park and elected main city in the third day.
  • Diet: from 1st day Breakfast until 3rd day lunch
  • Snacks and hot beverages
  • Entrance to the national park
  • WFR certified mountain guide
  • Emergency insurance policy
  • Trekking poles (if needed)
  • Water purification

Not included:

  • Mule for personal luggage. Please just take a small hiking backpack with warm cloths fort the nights. The other luggage will arrive with the 4WD (jeep) vehicle at the end of the second day in Potosi farm.


Taylor-made extras (before or after)
  • Coffee tour in a traditional coffee farm
  • Time out in hot springs
  • Visit to Filandia, one of the most beautiful traditional towns in the coffee triangle.
  • Hike or horse ride to the Boquia tunnels and waterfall


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