¡An extraordinary visit to the Santa Marta Swamp and the snow summits!

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The trek from Minca to the San Lorenzo long Summit border, close to the Kennedy Mountain (3100m) allow to contemplate the extraordinary scenery to the west and the Santa Marta big Swamp, and to the east, having good weather, the snow summits of the Sierra Nevada, where the Colombian highest elevations can be found, Simon Bolivar and Cristóbal Colón (5775m).

Day 1: Minca, Magdalena ecological capital

Early, the transport will pick you up at the Hotel in Santa Marta to Minca Town, located at the altitude of 650m. Once we have checked into the ecological Hotel (Availability of private or shared room) we will meet with the Wiwa people, who will share with us their history and some cultural aspects.

In the afternoon, after lunch we will visit a coffee and cacao farm, where both processes will be explained for us. We will end our day in the famous Minca water falls where we will have time to refresh.

Day 2: Trek to Kennedy Mountain a strategic view over the Santa Marta Swamp.

Early in the morning we will go out of the eco Hotel in a 4WD car, that in 30 minutes will leave us at the trek starting point, El Campano, 8km from Minca and 1280m high.

The trek will start in the middle of an exuberant flora, visiting the Tagua view point, where is possible to see Santa Marta City.

Facing the Caribbean cost, we will take left and arrive to the natural bird reservoir El Dorado, we will be having lunch immersed by a bird concert and an exuberant vegetation.

We will keep up on our way making a pause in the two-floor view point that offers one of the best views of the Santa Marta Swamp. At the end of the afternoon we will reach the San Lorenzo long summit where we will meet Moncho, the guardian of this place, that will welcome us with a hot cane beverage. Here, we will set up the camp and have dinner in the middle of pine threes.

Day 3: Sunrise facing the Snow summits of the Sierra Nevada

We will wake up very early, to have the chance of contemplating the snow summits of the Santa Marta Sierra Nevada, before clouds start flowing up. We will also see the Colombian wax three, one of the national symbols. Then, have breakfast with the great view and start trekking a little bit more to the Kennedy Mountain to have different perspectives.

After setting off the camp, we will star going back to Minca, using the same path that we used to arrive. This will give us the opportunity to enjoy best the view with less effort.

At the end of the afternoon we will be back to Minca on our transport from El Campano, if you need, there is the possibility to have a private transport to Santa Marta.

The List of equipment that you need for the Lost city trek (Santa Marta), is very small and precise
  • Your clouding must be for hot weather, the temperature during the day can be between 24 to 28 C degrees. 

  • A very good hat and sunscreen.

  • Comfortable shoes: if you are used to walk with trekking shoes that would be good, no need of boots except if you are used to need the high support for the ankle.

  • A pair of socks for each day, as the weather is very humid, is important to try to walk with dry feet as much as we can.

  • A pair of sandals for crossing the rivers, we must cross several rivers during the trek and is a good idea to cross them with sandals as the rivers have small stones uncomfortable for the bare feet. 

  • We always prefer to wear long sleeve shirts to avoid sun burns in my arms and mosquitoes, but this is up to you and how you are used to walk more comfortable in this hot weather.

  • Also, you can decide to make this trek with shorts or with trousers, some people prefer shorts to get along with the hit, I prefer trousers that are very light, so I can avoid some mosquitoes.

  • A set of clothing for sleep, at night it gets chilly on the Sierra.

  • You can bring a strong mosquito repellent or buy it here, there are some good ones available.

  • Remember that for this trek you will not need much, and you will have to carry your things in a small backpack.

  • A microfiber towel or easy dry

  • No sleeping needed for this lost city trek.

  • Food, water, bedding will be supplied and carried by a mule. You just have to carry your clothes and one liter of water for the day. Head lamp with extra batteries

  • Camera with enough batteries, the energy supply is very limited.

  • For the personal health care elements, please bring just the ones that are eco-friendly. Summing suit (we will be able to swim in rivers, natural pools and waterfalls)

  • Plastic bags or dry bags to keep our clothes and things always dry. Comfortable back pack between 25-30 liters.

Taylor-made extras (before or after)
  • Bird watching with a Professional guide Day trip to the National Park Tayrona

  • One day one night to relax in the place Los Naranjos, between the salty sea water and the sweet water that comes down the Sierra Nevada.

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