What about toilets?

If the itinerary includes crossing farms where we are going to sleep, there are available toilets. However, you have to have in mind that the characteristics of these toilets are not the same as in the city, it is only a basic service. If on the contrary we are going to camp, we will give the instructions to best dispose our residuals.

How much weight do I have to carry?

Most of our itineraries include the service of carrying your luggage, this way you only have to carry important things like sun glasses, sun screen, jacket, etc.

Do I have to have any kind of previous training or a special physical condition to participate or go to the activities that Montañas Colombianas offers?

Not necessarily. If you are an active person, and don´t have any health condition that interfere with your physical development, you are able to participate and achieve the objectives that you are aiming for in the mountain under our guidance.
Something very important to have in mind is that we are a company that aims to offer personalized service, due this we design each one of our proposals and itineraries having in account the characteristics of each person that will be our companion in the adventure.
The importance of been well trained for the mountain activities is that you are going to enjoy much more your experience if your body are in the best conditions.
If for instance you consider that you are not very well prepared, cheer up, it will be our pleasure to assist you in order to start a pre training before traveling with us and face new goals.

Is it possible to have a guidance in another language?

Yes, by the moment we have the option of guidance in English and Spanish.

How is the food during activities?

The majority of our packages has all the alimentation included from the moment that the guide meets the group until the end of the guidance.

Depending on the itinerary that alimentation can be from farms or traditional mountain “haciendas”, homemade food with a high contain of carbos which is the most needed energy for the mountain.

When the itineraries don´t contemplate the visit to farms, the food will be camping meals, where the guides and cooks with multifuel stoves cook delicious menus, specially designed to fulfill the energetic body needs required for the goal.

What happens if I don´t have the required equipment?

For all our activities that involves a summit attempt, excepting special cases, we include the rent of the technical equipment (helmet, Harness, carabiners, crampons, ice axe). This elements are the most difficult to have for everyone for that we supply it. If you need something else different from this elements, don´t doubt in asking us, we can have it to rent or we are willing to help find it to rent or assist you to buy.

Are the activities always in large groups or among strangers?

We offer to principal types of services:

The personalized guidance where we travel only with the people that you want independently if is a single person or a larger group. In this option you choose the destination, the number of days for the trip, dates and other characteristics that you want for your adventure. You dream it, we assist you and give shape to the plan to become a success.

The second type, are the activities open to all public, for those activities we generate a call using or social networks and publicity media. In general we don´t organize groups of more than 8 people and we look for gather an equality group

Do you have an office or an attention point?

The founder associates are located in Pereira-Risaralda and Sopo-Cundinamarca, we are a company that manage its contacts and organization in a virtual way. We organize all the process by mobile or the internet, however when our clients require it we are available to set a personal appointment. By the moment we don´t have a public office but soon you will be welcome to visit us in our location.

What kind of shelters will we found?

All the shelters or refuges in Colombia are typical farms, from the country people that have decided to work with tourism and we have decided to support. That for we are going to find modest places to sleep and possibly in shared rooms, with basic services.

How is the water quality?

Our mountains water is pure, from the mountains is where all cities water supply comes from. However, if you wish, we can treat your water sanitizing it by filters or pills or boiling it.

Which weather conditions are we going to find during the trek?

Colombia is a tropical country, this means that we don´t have seasons. The wind that come from the pacific and the air flow in the mountains make that the weather changes in a matter of minutes, and face a hard rain. However, there are some months that the weather is a little bit more stable.

What kind of footwear do I need?

Most of all, you need a comfortable footwear specialized in mountain. I we are only in a trek is more important that the feet are comfortable. If we are going to attempt a summit you need mountaineering boots that protect you from falls, cold and ice. Is not strictly necessary to be rigid sole boots.

On what depends my attempt success?

Your summit attempt depends basically in two factors: the first one is the physical and mental condition that you have. The best it is the best your body will react and get used to the altitude. We always program our itineraries so the altitude acclimatization is the best. The second factor Is the weather, the rain conditions, sun, snow, temperature, etc. Our guides can take the best decisions for each weather, we are trained to be in all kind of difficult conditions. The combination of those two factors will determinate the final result of our itineraries.

What temperatures will we expect?

As we said before it is possible that the weather changes a lot, for that reason we can have sometimes at 4000 mts a temperature of 18 centigrade, but it is also possible that at 4000 mts we register a temp of 5 centigrade during day. At night we can have temp between -2 and 6 centigrade. The coldest day is the day we attempt the summit.

Does an underage can participate in the activities?

For under 14-year-old children most of the time the activities are restricted, due to their organisms are not yet well formed and prepared to the mountain conditions. With some conditions, depending the training that they have we can evaluate specific cases.

For up to 14-year-old to 18 it will be also necessary to make a previous interview related with the children characteristics and conditions and in all cases the children must be always accompanied by the parents or responsible adult, in addition with the written authorization. 

What experience have my guides in other mountains?

Our two main guides (Sebastian and Eduardo) have been in several international mountains. Some of those are: Cotopaxi, Chinborazo, Illiniza South and north, Cayambe, Vallunaraju, Pisco, Urus, Cabeza del Condor, Pequeño Alpamayo, Illampu, among others.