How can I reach the Santa Isabel Summit? Easy guide.

How can I reach the Santa Isabel trek? Easy guide.

The Santa Isabel trek (volcano) is one of the 4 Colombian volcanoes and also one of the six glaciers of the country. It´s located in the central range and its average altitude is 5000m. It has three summits with glacier and snow and the level of difficulty for the trek is intermediate.

In order to see the Santa Isabel trek, you have two main options: The first one is to trek until the summit and the second one is to trek until the glacier border.

Although it is possible to get there from Pereira or Manizales, it will be always better to start from Pereira, because the Pereira´s airport is the best equipped in the coffee region and the only one with edge technology to work with any kind of weather, in that way flights always reach the destination and also Is the best located airport in the country.

In addition to this, if you want to chill out before or after the trek you can visit and relax in the thermal waters of Santa Rosa de Cabal (there are two options: Termales San Vicente and Termales Santa Rosa) or the Flora and Fauna Sanctuary Otun Quimbaya. For these reasons we recommend selecting Pereira as your first destination before the Santa Isabel trek.


Reaching the Santa Isabel trek (Summit) in 2 days:

This itinerary is considered as a mountaineering start in Colombia, because is the glacier mountain with less difficulty and less time required for ascending. Perfect for people that have a good physical condition and want to take the chance to go off the routine.

One thing to consider is that some agencies have scheduled dates, what will help with the budget, on the other hand you can also hire a private tour and the price will be depending how many people are in the group. To see our next scheduled dates:

The average price for this experience is 629.000 COP (200USD) per person and includes everything for the two days.


Day 1. Starting from Pereira, Santa rosa de Cabar or Manizales, the drive starts in a 4×4 vehicle until the 3850m. After that you will start an acclimatization hike of 6km to the Otun lake view point and then go back to the mountain farm where the group will spend the night, this family offer basic hosting and meal services.

Day 2. Very early your guide will wake you up with a hot beverage and start the drive for about 45minutes. At 4100m the trek starts for about 3,7km until the glacier border, once there you will equip yourself with the glacier equipment needed to go on the glacier and then walk 2 hours on the glacier.


  • Have in mind that the Santa Isabel trek can only be done by a registered agency, by the National Park Office.
  • Book your participation with enough advance time, because the national park has a limited entrances allowed per day.
  • Train for the experience with a routine based on cardio.

Needed Equipment:

Montañas Colombianas will provide you with the technical equipment needed (helmet, harness, crampons, and security equipment) nevertheless, you must have a basic personal equipment that will help you to live the experience much better. Some of this personal equipment are:

  • Sun glasses with high UV screen
  • Internal gloves wool or fleece.
  • External gloves thick and water proof
  • Head Lamp or head torch.
  • Trekking boots, water proof, with ankle protection.
  • For the firt day hike you can take tennis.
  • Water proof pants, lycra and polar or fleece pants.
  • Water proof jacket, a thermic hoodie polar of fleece and lycra or first skin.
  • Bag pack of minimum 30 liters.


Hike to the Santa Isabel trek (Glacier border) in 1 or 2 days.

The hike to the Santa Isabel trek (glacier border) in one day is perfect for those people that luck of mountain experience and want to see a glacier.  This is a 3.7km path where you will be able to observe the majestic “Paramo”, moraines and glaciers. Is a hike of about 3 hours and 2 hours going back. The itinerary starts form Pereira city, Santa Rosa de Cabal or Manizales in a 4×4 vehicle that will drive you to the spot know as Potosí. There, you will enjoy the breakfast and enter to the National Natural Park Los Nevados. After that you will continue until 4100m in the car, and then start the hike of positive ascending of 600m.

Family friendly, people from 10 until 55 years old that have good physical condition. Not suitable for people with cardiovascular conditions or hypertension.

The price for this experience on average is 195.000 COP per person.


  • Have a very good rest the night before, the transport the next day will pick you up at 04:00 am.
  • Take with you minimum 1 liter of water to drink during the driving, you can refill it during the day, drinking and staying hydrated is very important in the altitude.
  • Do not exceed the sweets consumption.
  • Book your participation with enough advance time, because the park has a limited entrance per day, 68 people, this availability usually get booked very fast specially on Sundays and holydays. It is highly suggested to book this trip with minimum 1 month before.

Needed Equipment:

The agency will provide you some things like trekking poles, poncho for the rain and some snacks, nevertheless, have in mind this list:

  • Hiking boots or comfortable tennis. Important that tennis have good grip.
  • Gloves and hat for the cold.
  • Back pack to carry your belongings.
  • Hydration recipient.
  • Spare clothing that you can leave in the vehicle for your return.
  • Sun Screen
  • Sun glasses

For more information please write to [email protected] or call 322 4790143


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