My name is Sebastián López Aristizábal, Environment Administrator, Colombian.

I have been 10 years in the mountaineering world, this had me value life from a different perspective. My experience in mountains of Colombia, Ecuador, Perú and Bolivia allows me to get a technical, physical and mental foundations in order to face big challenges. In Perú I had the opportunity to take the course: Security and rescue in high mountain, conducted by the UIAGM-AGMP Guides house. I am an active member of the team VIVAK-Mountaineering and Climbing, people that have been a big family in the wonderful mountains world, having as principles the technic, the safety and being humble. The product of all of this background has allow me to become a experienced guide, for 5 years I have been guiding in Colombia.

I am the founder and manager of MONTAÑAS COLOMBIANAS, a Company in society with Eduardo Lascano (rope partner), enterprise that focuses in Colombian mountain expeditions.


My name is Eduardo Lascano Castillo. I have the fortune of having the deep passion of mountaineering, which has lead me to enjoy experiences in Colombia in the National Park of Los Nevados, the mountain Range Sierra Nevada del Cocuy-Guicán, among
others national and international parks and paramos. In the same path I have had the opportunity of climbing and enjoying wonderful treks and summits in the beautiful active mountains of Ecuador, the White range in Peru and the Royal Range of Bolivia.
All this experiences has enrich myself with technic skills, orientation, first aids in remote areas, mountain safety and others, training myself as a Professional Guide by experience; responsible, dynamic, always open to new tracks and challenges.
I am a member of the Mountaineering and Climbing Team VIVAK where we always aim for the permanent technic training and ethical mountaineering.
I took my studies of Gastronomy in the SENA national institution, proud designer of delicious and powerful mountain dishes.
With my associate Sebastian Lopez, we are the owners and manager of the company
MONTAÑAS COLOMBIANAS, which is a national company working for trips and expeditions around all the beautiful natural sceneries of Colombia.